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  • Bram Schouw - Director


    Today I met one of the most impressive creatures I have ever seen. A moose.

  • 33!

    Together we made a walk on the beach to celebrate my 33th birthday. What a present!


    With Marcel Roijaards, holding the Golden Calf for our short film SEVILLA.


    A very sweet review was written for Sevilla at Short Of The Week. Keep an eye on this website – they show very inspiring shorts from all corners of the world. Other reviews could be found at these websites: Pretty Clever Films, VICE, Light Film School. For Dutchmen: here is the link to an article at De Filmkrant. For French readers: three reviews could…


    Film and friendship with Kay Greidanus.

    Last week Sevilla won the audience award during the Festival for European Shorts in Bordeaux. A day earlier it won the third prize during the BE Film Festival in New York. Since its international premiere in Clermont-Ferrand Sevilla is traveling around the world at more than 90 international film festivals. Previously it won the Golden Calf during the Dutch…


    Very happy and honoured to have won the Golden Calf at The Netherlands Film Festival. An award shared with all the friends we made the film with. Check out my brother Jesse watching the award ceremony at our parents home in The Hague.

  • Heat. Calf. Flaws.

    In the heat of the moment forgotten to mention my lovely producers Frank Hoeve, Katja Draaijer and our coproducer Marina Blok. The core of this production on all levels. ❤️