Feb 3, 2019
Hartstichting with 180Amsterdam

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Nov 3, 2019

Arise, go forth, and conquer as of old.

Apr 8, 2019
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DOP: Ruben Impens
Edit: Marc Bechtold
Agency: DDB UNLIMITED (Ray & Michiel)
Production: Bonkers Amsterdam 💫


Jan 28, 2019
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Here’s to change towards a more sustainable 2019.  ENECO with Dawn and Bonkers.

Dec 5, 2018
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MONUTA Directors Cut

‘First Date’

With N=5, Bart & Romke.
Shot by: Gregg Telussa
Edited by: Annelien van Wijnbergen
Sound Design by: Feike de Wit
Colors by: CRABSALAD

💫 Bonkers Amsterdam


Nov 8, 2018

‘Feature film BROTHERS by Bram Schouw and short NOTHING TO DECLARE by Hetty de Kruijf are the national Dutch winners of the Hollywood Film Festival 2018’ ✨

For more info, click here.

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Ministry of Health

DOP: Gregg Telussa
Edit: Marvin Schoenmaker
Agency: Publicis Amsterdam (Steef & Sander)
Production: Bonkers Amsterdam 💫

Oct 19, 2018

Morning glory with Gregg Duane.

Sep 22, 2018
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The 8-year-old Jasmine left Syria with her mother and her two brothers. On a too small inflatable boat. With too many people. And a life jacket that the brothers were forced to share. In the middle of the night the waves turned out to be too big. Her brothers fell overboard and drowned in the pitch-black sea. Halfway their flight from hell to hope. Listen to the unheard story of Jasmine.

Click here for English (spotify).
And here for the link on Youtube (NL).

Aug 11, 2018
portraits with Gregg

With and by Gregg Telussa.