Childhood Dreams wins in New York

‘Last night, the KRO-NCRV production Childhood Dreams was named winner in the drama category at the New York Festival TV & Film Awards.

The Dutch series, produced by Topkapi, thus takes over from Peaky Blinders, the popular series that returned home with the award last year. Submissions now came from more than 50 countries.

“We feel very honoured to receive this award,” thus screenwriter Marnie Blok. ,,Childhood Dreams is about the struggle for freedom that every generation has to fight anew,” adds director Bram Schouw. ,,That struggle is of all times, but at the stories touch on issues that are still relevant today, such as abortion rights, women’s emancipation, power relations, religion and racism. That this has been seen by the jury of the New York Film and TV Festival makes us proud.”